Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sherrod Brown's False Email Response

I had sent a few days ago to the office of Ohio State Senator Sherrod Brown, an email stating NO to CAP & TAX. It was a well written email saying clearly NO!!!! This is the response I get.

Thank you for sharing your views about clean energy legislation.
Effective clean energy legislation will reduce climate pollution and promote the production of renewable energy—but most importantly it will ensure the creation of new clean energy jobs and industries. Clean energy legislation must also ensure the competitiveness of domestic manufacturers and protect consumers by keeping utility rates affordable. We must work to reduce our dependence on foreign oil by making America a global leader in clean energy manufacturing.
For this reason, I recently announced legislation called the Investments for Manufacturing Progress and Clean Technology (IMPACT) Act. This legislation, which was included in the House energy bill, would support manufacturers' transition to the clean energy economy and ensure clean energy jobs are created here in the U.S. This legislation would create a revolving loan fund for small and medium size manufacturers to retool and expand facilities to produce clean energy technology and energy efficient products. It is estimated this measure will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs.
Any clean energy legislation must also prevent the serious problem of carbon leakage, which can undermine our clean energy goals. If American manufacturers are forced to move operations overseas, we would not only lose jobs but would also see the counterproductive “export” of carbon beyond our borders. To protect against the threat of carbon leakage, I have proposed several provisions that will keep energy costs low and level the playing field for domestic energy-intensive manufacturers.
I appreciate hearing your input on this important topic. As clean energy legislation continues to be discussed in Congress, I will work to ensure that an unfair burden is not placed on Ohio families and businesses. I will only support legislation that creates new jobs and economic opportunities across Ohio.
Thank you again for getting in touch with me.
Sherrod Brown
United States Senator

What a joke! No wonder the Democratic party is in trouble this coming election. You would figure that after 8 years that they would get it! Guess not! Vote these idiots out of office once and for all!

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