Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Changing America

Why is it, that when people move to America, they find it necessary to change what this country stands for. Our money has changed, you see different languages on labels. Oh, don't forget about prayer in schools.
I don't see someone moving to France and trying to change their ways and what language they speak. When one comes to this country, one should learn English. I remember living in L.A. and finding that the Japanese telling their kids to speak English outside the home and their own language in the home. I think that shows great respect for this country and respect for the Americans who were born here. I know that if I went over seas, I would try and learn even if it meant buying a conversion dictionary.
To much politics in this country for me. The people need to start taking this country back from the politicians and lawyers.
Let's here some other views.

1 comment:

roman said...

Preach on, Preach on!
I agree with you on this matter, I would definitely try to learn another language if I were to move to another country where english wasn't commonly used. That would be a tribute from me to them and their country that I wasn't too stubborn to learn their culture and language. Good post.

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