Tuesday, December 18, 2007

NFL PLayoff Hunt

For those who want to know what the playoff picture looks like, here is what the standing is right now:


New England: Clinched AFC East Division and home-field advantage.

Indianapolis: Clinched AFC South Division and first-round bye.
San Diego: Clinched AFC West Division.

ELIMINATED Miami, N.Y. Jets, Kansas City, Oakland, Baltimore, Cincinnati, Houston, Buffalo, Denver.

WEEK 16 SCENARIOS Pittsburgh: Can clinch AFC North title: 1) PIT win + CLE loss. Pittsburgh clinches playoff berth: 1) TEN loss OR 2) PIT win or tie + TEN tie.
Cleveland: Can clinch playoff berth: 1) CLE win; OR 2) TEN loss; OR 3) CLE tie + TEN tie.
Jacksonville: Can clinch playoff berth: 1) JAC win or tie; OR 2) TEN loss or tie; OR 3) CLE loss.


Dallas: Clinched NFC East Division and first-round bye.

Green Bay: Clinched NFC North Division and first-round bye.

Seattle: Clinched NFC West Division.

Tampa Bay: Clinched NFC South Division.

ELIMINATED San Francisco, St. Louis, Atlanta, Philadelphia, Arizona, Chicago and Detroit.

WEEK 16 SCENARIOS Dallas: Can clinch home-field advantage throughout NFC playoffs: 1) DAL win + GB loss.
N.Y. Giants: Can clinch playoff berth: 1) NYG win or tie; OR 2) WAS loss or tie + NO loss or tie.
Minnesota: Can clinch playoff berth: 1) MIN win + NO loss or tie.


roman said...

I hope Dallas wins and the Packers find themselves on the short end of the stick. I would much rather see the 'Boys' go forward then the other fellas.

YoungBlood said...

I just want Dallas to win!!

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