Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Google Gone Ga Ga

A Credit Suisse analyst hiked his price target on Google Inc. to $900, the highest among Wall Street analysts, on expected gains as advertisers move online to lure more consumers.
Credit Suisse's Heath P. Terry called Google the best Internet investment and expects the company to gain as all advertising goes digital.
"As Google has built up its online services, we believe the company has created a sustainable competitive lead in online search," Terry wrote in a client note.
Terry forecast sales growth of 35 percent and earnings growth of at least 30 percent over the next five years.
Terry expects growing numbers of consumers using broadband connections to boost demand for online advertising, as well.

If this holds true then Google will be pricier than Gold. This is mind boggling! I know, I am on the Google band wagon.

1 comment:

Lisa Renee said...

Yeah, I was pretty stupid to have not bought google when it was cheap.


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