Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Licenses For Ilegal Immigrants?

What the......
Why would you give illegal immigrants drivers licenses?
Is this the best idea our so called intelligent leaders can come up with? Try again!
I understand that they take the jobs that Americans don't want. What about making the employers that hire them be responsible for making them legal. If caught not doing so, then they pay a hefty fine. Let the employer pay the application fee for each illegal and make sure each has to go through the proper channels like everyone else. I could live with that.
New York Governor Spitzer abandoned the idea, seeing that the New York State could not address the problems themselves. At least he tried. He said he wanted to act because of the failure of the federal government to deal with immigration policy and the impact that failure was having on New York.
I would like to hear some new ideas by other people who aren't politicians.

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